Mmm, spicy

The parents are in Spain and my mother gave me a shout to see if I wanted anything whilst she was there. The last time she got me a fab selection of Chorizo and Salami which I am still working through. So I just asked for the same again. But I also asked her if she would keep her eye out for Smoked Paprika - the main flavour in Chorizo. Fiona failed to find it on her last trip and I’m beginning to think that someone will have to find a spice emporium over there. Bit of a coincidence that one of the foodie blogs that I read (Chocolate and Zucchini - a great read if a little high-falutin) has a full post on Pimentón de la Vera which is exactly what I asked my Ma to look out for. Fingers crossed.

On a vaguely related note, anyone know if you can buy the Weber Bullet BBQ Smoker in Ireland? Some day I am going to try to BBQ a full Brisket (14lbs of it!) just like this: Brisket Midnight Cook

Last year on a business trip to Austin TX, I was brought to The Salt Lick by Tim Dell. I can still remember the taste of the BBQ Brisket, and the smoked turkey, and the sausage. Oh, I think I need to lie down for a second. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

After I came back I tried to BBQ a small Irish brisket of 2 lbs or so. I utterly incinerated it but it was bloody tasty!

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