Elephant No-Show Shocker at Bandon Show

Oisin O’Neill (3) of Old Chapel Bandon, registered his utter disgust this past Sunday over the non-appearence of elephants at the 2005 Bandon Summer Agricultural show. Proceedings have been served on Conor O’Neill (37), also of Old Chapel Bandon, for mis-leading advertising regarding the nature of the beasts which would appear at the show. Disappontment was also expressed over the lack of tigers.

On a positive note, none of the attending O’Neill family had ever seen bulls that large despite the elder family members having seen calves born in the farm across the road in Ratoath in 1972 at the age of 4. Luckily no awkward questions arose over the size of the tackle on display.

Highlights of the show were the aforementioned bulls and cows, some fabulous horses, a genuine 1960’s Ford Mustang (drool) and some fine loking tractors.

Lowlights were the goddammed rain, the frankly disturbing Punch and Judy show done in an indecipherable accent, the candy floss and the fact that Mickey Joe Harte did appear.

A special mention must go to the winner of the best hay in it’s category. We live and learn.

Late breaking news: Oscar O’Neill (nearly 6), got first prize in writing in the “nearly 6” category. Would have been nice to know it had been submitted in advance! We belive €10 may be winging his way today.

Nokia Crap-Cam pictures from the event:

Huuuuuuuge Cows Daddy (yes I know they are bulls/bullocks):

Candy Floss looks a lot better than it tastes, can I have an ice-cream:

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