Gender Confirmed by computer

Just in case there was any doubt, The Gender Genie confirmed that I’m a bloke. Huge sighs of relief from my wife. Interesting wee tool actually (The Gender Genie, not me). I just cut n paste some blog entries and it gave 247 male vs 146 female.

We’re off to the Bandon Show in an hour or so. The last time I was at anything like this I must have been in my mid-teens and my parents took me on the annual pilgrimage to The Spring Show in the RDS. I used enjoy it so I hope I haven’t over-hyped this one to the squirts.

In keeping with the Eurovision theme of this weekend, Mickey Joe Harte is headlining the entertainment. Oh sorry, he’s Micky Harte now - yeah, that’s far more suave and sophisticated sounding.

Oisín will be gutted when he finds out that there are in fact no elephants at agricultural shows. But he’s right - there should be.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland