Is that a bullseye painted on your back?

I can’t help myself. I know they are world’s easiest targets. Twenty Major had tears rolling down my face talking about what a pair of utter mingers they are.

But then I found the lyrics - dear god, is English even his first language? “Love can make you happy, love can make you cry”?

Coincidentally, I found this site which sings lyrics for you. So I entered the first verse. A massive improvement I think you’ll agree. The result cudda made us a contenda!

I heard the sister half of the duo on The Ray D’Arcy show. From what red-neck, hick, cousin-marrying, squeal-like-a-pig hole did they crawl out of? She told Ray that she spent her time in Kiev trying to spot “all the gays”. What age is she? 12? I was expecting Daffyd to suddenly make an appearance.

Next year can we just accept the Eurovision for what it is and send a drag-queen?

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland