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Baby Announcements!! We just found out that Maria and Maurice had a baby girl back on April 17th. Baby Ellen is an absolute cutie and either has dark red hair or bright red hair depending on whether you ask Claire or Ethna. Oh, and the Pierce's finally named 3 of 9: Rianna Gail Pierce. That's a very cool name. I'd nick it only for the fact that our next one is a bloke. But then I did meet a bloke called Shelley last week. Next up Kieran & Lou Walsh, followed by us. We put Kartik (an American based in Sacramento) into shock when we were out for a pint last week in Framingham. He asked the three paddies at the table if they had kids. The count was Donagh 4, Denis 4, Conor 3 plus one on the way. And they say the Irish are having fewer babies.......

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