Recording Streaming Audio for later listening

I've been trying to figure out how to record streaming audio so I can listen to it later (and start/stop when I like). Actually it's specifically for [The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Quandary Phase]( I didn't really enjoy the last radio series and the repeats of the TV series aren't that great either. But it became a technical challenge that I wanted to get to the bottom of. I finally cracked it today. Note that the solution below will not work behind some corporate firewalls but seems to work fine on my NATed setup on a Linksys Wireless Router at home. Download MPlayer for Windows and all the codecs. []( []( Unzip MPlayer and unzip the codecs.Copy the unzipped codecs to the codecs sub-dir of the mplayer dir. Open a command prompt in the Mplayer dir and type: mplayer -dumpfile hitchhikers.ra -dumpstream rtsp:// It streams in realtime so it'll take 30 mins to download. Listen to ram file later at your leisure using realplayer (or the nifty stripped down, bloat-free [Real Alternative]( Do that once a week to get each new episode. Don't try this with VLC. I spent ages trying to get it to work before I realised it doesn't support realaudio!

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