Saturday in Dungarvan

We spent Saturday in and around Dungarvan visiting Catherines cousin Maria. They live near Clonea Strand which is a fantastic beach. Myself and the boys whiled away an hour or two digging holes and filling them with stones. We stayed in the [Clonea Strand Hotel]( - a good mid-market place with some fantastic (non-ironic) 70's interiors. Big high ceilings and open stairs. Beds could do with replacing but a top spot with great kids facilities. The three monsters loved the new Kids Loft with climbing frames, slides, tons of plastic balls etc. Good pool too. Shockingly Oscar thought it was better than Disney Paris. Mentalist. We had dinner in the [Tannery]( Knew it was going to be good but it was fabulous. Very friendly staff, interesting but not ridiculous food (e.g. Creme Brulee of Crab) and a wonderful building. I had a duck ravioli on puy lentils and chuocroute to start. Nearly licked the plate. Of course I had confused charcuterie and choucroute yet again and was expecting pig parts, not sauerkraut but it was delish anyway. Two itsy bitsy teeny weeny quail for main were literally finger-licking good and the semi-freddo with pineapple was just the right mix of sweet and tart. Catherines Crabby thing looked fab, her monkfish was the size of a small child and she rated her chocolate fondant thingy as the best desert she has had in a long long time. The only tiny glitch was a poor young-fella thinking that 1 D espresso on an order was decaffeinated espresso rather than a double. Ok so I laughed. Meal was very good value too. Run, don't walk, run to this restaurant as soon as you can.

Conor O'Neill

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