Time to build a Cork Computer History Museum

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Saturday, November 14, 2009

We have buildings all over Cork, empty. We have a recession. The hospitality industry is crippled. We need something that encourages tourism, makes use of some of that property and points the way to the future.

Can I suggest a Cork Computer History Museum?

What’s one of the biggest attractions in Silicon Valley? The Computer History Museum

What’s one of the biggest tourist draws in London? The Science Museum.

What’s one of Cork’s main tourist attractions now? The Butter Museum.

Where is the biggest cluster of successful tech companies outside of Dublin? Cork.

Randy Jordan has assembled one of the most incredible collections of classic computers anywhere. From IMSAI to Osborne to DEC PDP and Apple Lisa, he has it. Randy has offered the collection to be housed by those who should jump at the chance. They didn’t get it.

Those of us who do get it have despaired when talking to Randy about his computers and the fact that they are almost never seen. The mini-collection he showed today at BarCamp Cork III blew our minds.

Watch this video:

Then think about the thousands of people who fly in and out of Cork every week and work for tech companies. Think about the brilliant but now sadly delayed idea of transforming the Cork docklands into a new tech hub. Think about all those tourists looking for something different. This could be the first step. A building full of technology that shows us the past so we can figure out the future.

Do you have a building lying idle and a vision for where you want Cork to be in 10 years time? Step up to the plate.

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