My Proposed Questions to the HSE under Freedom of Information

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Monday, April 30, 2007

The scandal that is the non-vaccination using BCG of children in Cork could have far-reaching implications for the health of many people under the age of 30. Both employees of the then Southern Health Board and the political appointees to the board may have had a say in implementing this negligent policy and continuing to allow it to occur since the 1970’s. It is clear that the health of Cork children is considered less important than that of children from elsewhere in the country.

I’ve just been informed that budget was put aside to deal with this in 2004 and was then re-allocated. In the interests of accuracy I have decided to contact the HSE under the Freedom of information act to find out who, why and when decisions were made in this area since the 1970’s.

Below are my questions. Please add to them or improve on them in the comments section and I’ll put together a combined list and send it to the HSE. It’ll be interesting to see if there is any attempt made to delay the answers until after May 17th.

  1. On what dates was the decision made and then implemented to stop providing BCG routinely to newborn babies in the Cork region years ago?
  2. Provide the names of all the senior individuals (medical, administrative, consultant, board members) involved in the making of that decision
  3. Provide the names of all past or present TDs, Senators or Councillors who were on the Southern Health Board when that decision was made
  4. Did the board authorise that decision? If so, provide the names of all members of that board
  5. Provide the names of all past or present TDs, Senators or Councillors who were on the Southern Health Board since the decision
  6. Confirm whether the provision of BCG as a matter of routine was agreed to be re-introduced at any point since then, on what dates and by whom
  7. Confirm whether that NEW decision was overturned, for what reason, by whom and when
  8. Confirm that BCG shots are available in some locations nationally on demand and list the places where there is no waiting list
  9. Confirm that residents of Cork can avail of these BCG shots and provide contact information for arranging these shots

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