Tweets on 2007-03-27

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Tuesday, March 27, 2007
  • John Allsopp just release microformats book Looks excellent but 4-6 week delivery on #
  • Interested to know how any Wordpress users have Rich Text Editor turned on? We need it turned off to stop the RTE converting div’s to p’s #
  • Google = Global. Google Blog = Valley. “Simply text your flight number to 466453”. Hmm, wonder if that works in Cork Ireland……… #
  • @imeallach - I know the technical angles on the editor (I’ve hacked it). I’m more interested in actual usage. Who enables/disables? #
  • I’m a huge WP fanboy but the Six Apart products are all far superior at preserving user markup in posts. And Windows Live Spaces? Arggghh. #
  • Roos says that Martin Carey in Bandon sells rabbit. Excellent. Never gutted one but should be fun. Lovely meat. Ah pretty bunnies. #
  • @PaulWalsh - We want to know what editor our potential customers use on WP. If many have RTE turned off then we have no issue. PollDaddy? #
  • Anyone doing Supernova in June or Innovate in May? Both look good. #
  • Wordpress Rich Text Editor usage poll on LouderVoice blog. #
  • I sooo wish Google would release JotSpot. Using Docs n Spreadsheets to do some mini-specs. Prefer Wiki. Socialtext impressed yesterday. #
  • Julian suggests a combined streaky bacon and rabbit come-back. He may be on to something. Martin gave ratatouille recipe. The 70’s are hot! #
  • @PaulMWatson - I believe there are several places around Ireland rightly looking at replicating the it@cork idea. #
  • Harsh, but anyone driving fast in peasoup fog in Kildare today without lights got what was coming to them. I pity their poor victims. #
  • Wife and kids love The Killers. Until now they’ve done nothing for me but goddammit they’re growing on me. Gotta love that #
  • @damienmulley - Blogger Code of Conduct my ass. I have manners, others don’t, you can’t regulate for that. One for emailers too? And SMSers? #
  • 3-year old announced she wanted heelies. Got her the old Fisher Price roller-blades with stabilisers out of attic. One happy child. #
  • @mattverso - not forgetting Twitter! We could use up 130 chars in each tweet with the appropriate code of conduct byline. #
  • No binary of PyLucene for Fedora Core 6. Used to love building from source. Now it’s just a PITA. #

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