I still think it is stoopid but

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Monday, February 26, 2007

I’ve gone and got a Twitter account anyway.

What is Twitter you may ask? Well it is a web-site where you say what you are doing right now. You can do it via web, SMS or IM. Cos we all have such interesting lives and all our friends need to know exactly what we are doing at every moment in time. “finger up right nostril” “finger up left nostril” “bogey rolling” “bogey flicking”. Still it’s probably more interesting than the next Marian Keyes pot-boiler.

The reason I signed up was not cos of the original purpose of it but more for the interesting things that geeks are doing with it. Tom Morris scrapes Tube delay notices and twitters them so you can subscribe and get those updates via the same methods you use to send twitters. Kinda like the the District Line saying “right now, I’m bunched” “right now, some leaves are annoying me”. Neat.

It’s also far easier to twitter from your phone than it is to blog. So I will try to do a bit the next time I’m travelling: “I’m driving down the M8” “I’m swerving into oncoming traffic” “I’m flying through the air”.

Looks like I’m one of the cool kids now. Check out what I’m doing in the sidebar of the blog. Next thing you know I’ll be getting a Second Life account. Nah.

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