Your Sinclair Rock n Roll Years 1987 is out!

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Saturday, January 6, 2007

As with all the previous episodes, this one is a zinger even if you were a C64 or (god forbid) Dragon user. I had stopped my involvement with home computers by 1987, what with being in college and discovering drink instead. So I found it particularly interesting that they mention a game called “Head Over Heels” which was considered by many to be the greatest example of its genre ever created.

I’d never heard of it so I’ve just grabbed it from World of Spectrum to play on ZX Spin and they weren’t joking. They did this with 48K of RAM. I think my watch has more than that. Never a huge fan of the 3-D isometric games but this is bloody good.

Download it here or view on Google Video:

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