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Posted by Conor O'Neill on Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So Haydn tagged me. Five things you don’t know about me eh? Apart from my Spaghetti Hoop fetish?

1. I was Junior Irish Archery Champion in 1980. Not as impressive as it sounds. Three of us in the competition and other two were beginners. Never improved after that and gave up in mid-teens. Turns out not everyone else saw a blob of colours down the end of the field and I later found out I was short-sighted. My other problem was that…

2. I appear to be what is known as cross-dominant. No not a Tranny Whip Fetishist but I mix use of left and right. I’m not ambidextrous but I write right-handed, am left footed, left eyed and hurl left handed (the twice a year when I hurl). I think I’d be more comfortable golfing left-handed too, if I ever golfed. I switched to using my left hand for the mouse last year and find it more natural than using the right. For fun I’ve starting writing like a 3 year old with my left hand on occasion too. So in archery, holding a bow right-handedly but using my left eye meant that I couldn’t get the “sight” out far enough to the left to line it up correctly, so I always had to aim off centre. I cudda been a contenda otherwise.

3. I have the worlds most awesome wife with whom I am still having a fling 16 years later. “Ah go on, let me stay on your couch” after a night in Kiely’s Bar led to marriage and five loudly opinionated children.

4. I was a thespian for a few short weeks in 1985 in the St Kieran’s College school play. I played the allegedly batty mother, Sybil Walling. It was a pretty dire farce built around a body up a chimney. Still seems to be popular. Personally I thought I was awesome and basically did a cross-dressing take off of Margaret Rutherford playing Miss Marple. And Emmet Cooney still has my copy of the goddammed video of it. I want it back Emmet! This short career diversion was mainly caused by my involvement in Irish and English debating in school (and the No Name Club). I completely dropped debating in college until 4th year when some class-mates decided to properly resurrect Forum, the UCD Engineer’s Debating Society. Not as famous as the L&H but ten times funnier and we whipped their asses in any cross-society debate. Ah fond memories of Jabba The Baby Eater and “Did DoWaDiddy DUM DiddyDoo and did he do so on three separate occasions, twice with a banana?”. Mark Connolly where are you now?

5. I’ve just had a vasectomy. Ouch. Essay coming soon.

Oops, forgot to tag others. So who can I annoy? Emmm: Walter, Curly K (good excuse to start blogging again woman!), Anthony, Kieran and Neal.

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