Ulster Bank finally joins the 21st century

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Monday, July 10, 2006

Only six years after everyone else.

Their upgraded Internet Banking service now supports Firefox/ Mozilla/ IE7/ dunno_what_else. Previously they only supported Internet Explorer with Microsoft’s own Java VM and, wait for it, Netscape 4.7!

How embarrassing must it have been to work in web development in that company? I sent them stinky mails about once every six months for the past few years including links to the Microsoft site where the continued use of the MS VM was listed as a no-no. It all fell on deaf ears.

The only reason they finally had to upgrade is that Internet Explorer 7 will be released late this year and the site would have been unusable by all their customers. Nothing like a shotgun to the head to motivate the lazy and the gormless.

How many years will I have to wait before they roll out the new site for business accounts too?

Note, it does allow Konqueror to be used but gives a warning that it is not supported - on every shaggin mouse click! Apart from that Konqueror works fine. They may even support Mac users too.

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