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Posted by Conor O'Neill on Sunday, April 16, 2006

The biggest hole in the Irish Blogging scene is the lack of women bloggers. I have no real idea why so few women blog, particularly when examples like Dooce are there to show what is possible. It probably just boils down to the fact that, in general (and by “in general” I am in no way trying to invoke a stereotye or in any way label any sub-grouping of humanity. Please don’t hurt me), women don’t get a kick out of geeky gadgets and buzzwords and only start using technology when it becomes genuinely useful. For example, high temperature ceramics really only moved out of geeky labs and into mainstream usage with the invention of the GHD Straightener. He ducks, he runs.

So I am really happy to report that things are starting to change and I have to recommend two blogs to you.

The first has been around for several months and is called “That Friday Feeling”. It consists of the musings of a thirtysomething single woman living somewhere in rural Ireland. She talks about life, men, health, weight and living down the bog. Curly K has a great turn of phrase and is always a good read, not just for girlies.

The second I found out about because the author also has me on her blogroll. Her blog is called “The Arse End of Ireland” and only appears to have started very recently. I know it is early days but the signs are so good that I am going to pin my colours to the mast and offer the opinion that we may have finally found the female Twenty! And in this case it doesn’t look like a character but seems to be a real person. The Swearing Lady is very very funny with just the right level of exasperation, grumpiness and cynicism.

They are both in my Bloglines subscriptions and deserve to get much much bigger readerships. Check em out and let me know what you think.

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