Awwww shucks, Sugar shot Thumper

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Thursday, March 16, 2006


Poor ickle-wickle Alexa, the bad man fired her.

100 chickens for 100 pizzas? And this woman did Economics in Cambridge?

Sugar fired Karen before this little girlie? Her dazed look during the firing session was priceless. And good old Syed came up with another classic. Sir Alan: “Tell me why I shouldn’t fire you?”. Syed:“Because I’m a winner!”. That is an all time great answer. How do you argue with it? I think he may have flummoxed da boss.

The title “Management Consultant” is soon going to enter common parlance as being a euphemism for incompetent bullshit artist. The problem with Management Consultants (and Mani is one too) is that they only know how to tell other people what they are doing wrong, they haven’t the slightest clue how to do things themselves. Most of the Consultants in this series look confused because there seems to be nowhere for them to charge billable hours.

To be fair to Mani, I thought he was going to arse the thing up completely but actually pulled a blinder in the end. However, he still has all the people skills of a morgue technician.

Do I really only watch this programme to make me feel good about myself?

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