Wexford: Farm Shops and Citroën SM's

Posted by Conor O'Neill on Saturday, November 5, 2005

We spent the halloween weekend down in Rosslare. I know it is now a mini-Dublin but it’s a perfect spot for all of the extended family to meet up. There is one shop I want to mention simply because they deserve to be much better known. “Kate’s Farm Shop” is just off the Duncannon Roundabout towards Duncannon. I found it accidentally during the summer when I went for a “lets get the kids to sleep for a hour” drive.

It had been very quiet that time and I spent a good 45 minutes filling a basket full of things that I didn’t need. The shop is evenly split between a great selection of fruit n veg at the front and deli-style provisions at the back. They have tons of pastas, spices, breads, cheese, meats, grains and other speciality foods. They seem to do a lot of organic stuff and special-diet products like gluten-free ones.

Of course, it was a totally different experience on the halloween weekend. I actually had difficulty parking. When I got inside, it was jammed. And every single accent in there, apart from the girls behind the counter was south-side Dublin. It was kinda spooky. I immediately felt myself wanting to put on a strong fake Cork accent so I wouldn’t be labelled along with the rest of them. But when your basket contains olives, pumpernickle, organic pasta sauce, hummus and japanese pears, you aren’t going to avoid labelling ye langer.

Anyway, fab shop. Pay it a visit if you are in the area.

And because I am too lazy to make a separate post, can I just mention that I saw, for the second time in my life, a Citroën SM (not XM!) heading towards the ferry.

Citroën SM

I had noticed in general the number of 05 cars in Wexford, many of which were WX reg. I even spotted a Porsche Cayenne. But they all paled by comparison to the SM. This was a low volume car developed by Citroën whilst they were in control of Maserati. It is drop dead gorgeous and many of the innovations in it were carried over to the CX. There is a great article on the history of the car here.

Google Images of Citroen SM

Yeah, yeah, I should grow up and just accept the Mondeo.

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