Cork CoCo to Support Hot-Desking Setups in County Towns

I don’t know how I missed this when it was announced recently. A superb initiative from Cork County Council. They have put aside €300,000 to help with provision of enterprise centres / hot desk facilities in County Towns. This will include a contribution of up to €35,000 for tech and hot desk provision.

The downside is that is doesn’t cover building rental but surely some joined-up thinker in the Council is already working on a deal with NAMA to get properties for rental at 10c on the Euro or less? What is the point of having unused empty crumbling buildings when they could be generating rental income and be maintained?

There is nothing even approaching hot-desking in Bandon. As I’ve written before, the lack of Fibre is a millstone around the neck of the town but at least 12 Mbs ADSL should be available to anyone near the exchange.

Based on my last post there is at least one NAMAfied office building in Bandon. Anyone interested in trying to do something with it? Maybe even some sort of Co-Working space?



Conor O'Neill

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Bandon, Cork, Ireland