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A thriving democracy

relies on an informed electorate.

Now you can be informed.

What John Handelaar has done over at with the help of some other great people is deeply important. Quite simply, the Dáil record is now properly accessible rather than just available. The site enables you to do the following:

  • Read a dramatically-more-legible version of the Dáil Record going back to January 2004
  • Search that record by speeches or written questions, or by speaker, or by date or date range
  • Sign up for email alerts for when a search query you’re interested changes
  • Sign up for email alerts whenever a TD of your choosing says something or asks a question which generated a written reply
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds for individual TDs or for search queries

This isn’t just important for the content you find but also for the content that you don’t find. I will not be voting for any sitting TD in any future election unless I see continuous active engagement by them in the Dáil. If they don’t have anything to say, they shouldn’t be there.

The days of some gobshite getting elected because he got your daughter a job in the Civil Service or claims to be responsible for every penny spent in your constituency have to come to an end. will hopefully help usher the beginning of proper national politics involving those who care about our country and what it can become.

We all sat idly by as those running this country ran it into the ground. It’s time we started paying attention.


I just used the site to check on our three TDs in Cork South-West. Summary as follows for the past year:

  • Christy O’Sullivan (FF): Has spoken in 5 debates in the last year — well below average among TDs. Has received answers to 8 written questions in the last year — below average among TDs
  • PJ Sheehan (FG): Has spoken in 81 debates in the last year — above average among TDs. Has received answers to 101 written questions in the last year — average among TDs.
  • Jim O’Keeffe (FG): Has spoken in 51 debates in the last year — average among TDs. Has received answers to 173 written questions in the last year — above average among TDs.

After seeing this, I take back any ageist comments I made in the last election about PJ Sheehan and I’m disappointed to see my predictions about Christy O’Sullivan have proven true.


  1. Out of curiosity I popped over to Christ O’s website and had a look at the press release section. Unless i’m missing something they all seem to be from the 2007 era!

    Maybe we’ll see a new rush of them in the next few weeks – or maybe some West Cork TDs think the electorate don’t use the internet to form opinion?

    Found this one amusing:

    Advice from a TD on making sure you claim all your expenses!

    Well done for drawing attention to – the fact that John created it shows how frustrated people are getting with our political system.

  2. Since starting this blog in 2001, I’ve done very few political posts mainly because there are plenty of others who do it better than me. But I have to say that my anger over the Irish political system is getting to boiling over stage.

    Unfortunately we are all to blame for how bad it is. Until we figure out how to elect national politicians with ability and vision rather than local cute hoors, we’ll continue to have mediocrity running the show. We also won’t get people of ability running for office if they know they will be beaten by the gombeens.

    Obama brought in a CTO and a Nobel Prize winner whilst our government demoted the only person they have who knows how to run a business.