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New Cork Foodie Blogger

Ivan Santry has started a top-notch food blog over at Messy-Chef. Recipes, reviews and thoughts. The blog design looks gorgeous too.

Messy Chef

Check it out.


  1. That’s not how you spell Dungarvan.

  2. Oops! Corrected now. Thanks.

  3. Feeding you far too well in the Mothership in Ovens, Ivan!
    (Why does my missus bring her own food?!)
    Conoro vs Ivan S Bloggawars!!

  4. I’d never get involved in Blogger Wars with an ex-workmate :-) Well maybe with Storagezilla…….

  5. Aye,he’s no lightweight, Conor. I know him close on 24 years and I’ve never seen him fade from consumption of ale/ food/ petrol fumes…
    His lasagne is mighty also…

  6. Hey JD. Irony is that I’m too busy with this web thing to actually do any cooking! First time in 10yrs we’re not doing the August w’end “BBQ”, sure we’ll feed you later on in the summer.

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