Lovely lunch in Italistro

Thrilled to find a nice new local place with good tasty well-priced unpretentious food which I think will suit our family perfectly. I’ve also heard good things from several others.

Italistro opened several months ago and immediately caught my eye because, despite being on a street I rarely visit, they advertised on the side of the building in their lovely brand colours and I see it every time I go through town. However months passed and I still hadn’t tried it.

Today I went for lunch with two of the cool Newsweaver people, Denise and Jennifer and decided to check it out. The decor and colour scheme really catch your eye, they’ve done a superb job. I had been worried about them doing sit-down and takeaway but the areas are separated well.

There was no-one there at 12.45 for lunch which surprised me. We got the lunch menus and I saw a lot I’d be happy having. A good general mix of pasta, pizza, burgers, chicken etc. One thing leaped off the page for me, a meatball/mozzarella/salami pannini. I bloody love meatballs so I had to have it. The others picked pizzas.

The food took quite a while to arrive but where pizza is involved I’m happy to wait. My pannini hit the spot, yum! The price had originally seemed high to me at €9.50 but when the plate arrived with a full bowl of chips and a big bowl of proper salad and tasty dressing, I realised it was a bargain. Reports on the pizzas were good too and they looked gorgeous. We finished off with some good coffees in very sexy cups.

The lack of custom worried me but I was assured it is hoppin at night which I was happy to hear. We have to get our childer fed and watered on Friday before we head off for a quick night away and I’m definitely heading down to Italistro with them.

Bandon is just getting better and better for food. Now all we need is Yo Sushi to open and I’ll be a very happy bunny.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland