Top Google with the LouderVoice Reviews Competition

We kicked off a competition recently over on LouderVoice for the most popular review each week. Your reviews can be via SMS, blog or microblog and it looks like the winner in the first week is a two line SMS review. Not only that, but it is the number one result on Google for its subject!

In fact, we are seeing more and more LouderVoice reviews manage this trick. Here is one I did recently:

Louis Theroux Behind Bars

I’m sure the BBC are not amused!

The reviews can be of anything that interests you, such as restaurants, movies, music, beaches, TV, gadgets, wine and everything in between. Signing up on LouderVoice just takes two ticks and you can send your first review immediately after that. SMS reviews appear on the site within seconds.

The prize each week is a cool Hairy Baby t-shirt of your choosing. So thumbs to the ready, start sending in reviews and maybe you’ll top Google too.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland