Car Sharing coming to Cork

Michael Newham just left a comment on my post about car-sharing. It looks like this is going to happen next year. It’s a great idea.

Our company ‘Mendes - GoCar’ will be providing the car-sharing service in Cork City Centre. We hope to have it operational by May the 1st 2008.

Please see the Wikipedia article for a good overview of what Car-Sharing is about.

All our ‘GoCars’ will have dedicated parking spaces ‘GoBases’ near high residential and business nodes of population.

Research has shown that in a successful car-sharing business each car added to a car sharing fleet replaces 8 to 12 private vehicles; thus reducing Co2 emmissions and congestion.

Another benefit to joining a car-sharing service is the increased use of public transport as well as walking and cycling.

We hope to have our website live by mid January. It will just be a brochure based site to begin with where ye can leave contact details to find out about membership and so forth.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland