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<div class="summary">Interesting product from Dunnes Stores. Decent meat and an unusual cut from an Irish Supermarket</div> 
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Catherine spotted these Kettyle products in Dunnes the other day and bought the rib-eye. Unlike most steak sold in Irish Supermarkets, this one is totally vacpacked.

I’ve read Hugh F-W complain about supermarket vacuum packs as they are usually full of blood too so that the meat does not dry mature properly. I found it interesting that this was entirely a dry vac-packing.

It comes in a very nice disply package with tons of info about the long ageing process (but not how long!) and how to cook it. The company itself is based in Fermanagh.

The meat looked fantastic, dark ruby not “still with a pulse” like most Dunnes meat of previous years. It was riddling with marbling and was a perfect size for one.

I cooked it pretty rare and it was lovely. Dryer than I expected given the marbling but very tasty. A huge step beyond standard Dunnes stuff. 

I’m just thrilled that Dunnes are trying something a bit different from the usual sirloin/fillet that you get in every supermarket in the country. Very few people (including myself) have any clue about cuts of meat any more. Do all the great cuts that we ignore just go into mince now? I find a good rump steak to be far preferable to the ubiquitous sirloin.  

Keep an eye (pun intended) out for this great product. The one I had was €5.33 for a decent cut of meat. 

Rated 4/5 on Jul 31 2007 by Conor O'Neill
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