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Give Donncha the vote in the PhotoBlog Awards

The fabulous Donncha is not just a new dad, the creator of WordPress MU and from Cork, he is also a great photographer. Head on over to this site to give him the vote.

Between this and telling everyone at Soho Solo to setup their blogs on, he owes me at least a bottle of babycham.


  1. I’m hoping to head down to Bandon some time in the next 2 weeks to see Haydn’s gallery if you want to meet up! I can’t promise a bottle of babysham, but I have some WordPress stickers if you’d like them? :)

    PS. thanks for the nice post!

  2. I’d bloody love a WordPress sticker for the laptop!

    Shout me when you are heading down and I’ll meet you there. The gallery is fab. The guy with the moving scanner is seriously cool and I love the other guy who prints on to aluminium.