220 Children to get Chest X-Rays

due to the TB outbreak in Cork.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs. But, TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain. If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal. TB disease was once the leading cause of death in the United States.

TB is spread through the air from one person to another. The bacteria are put into the air when a person with active TB disease of the lungs or throat coughs or sneezes. People nearby may breathe in these bacteria and become infected.

Current waiting list for BCG in Cork - 5 to 6 months!

HSE, get up off your asses, get all the BCG shots in Ireland down here NOW, advertise it everywhere and get the children of every copped-on parent vaccinated asap!

Or do we have to wait until the first child dies from complications when they go from latent to active?

UPDATE 1; Good thread here on MagicMum. Like almost everyone else we didn’t get our youngest 3 done in Cork as it was not offered and we cluelessly did what we were told. Seriously regretting that now and signed up in a six month queue. Maybe a trip to Limerick is in order?

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