Six Years a-Bloggin today!

17th April 2001, I got an account on this thing I probably heard about on Slashdot called Blogger. I just saw it as an easier way of keeping my personal homepage (which I think I started in 1996 on Indigo) up-to-date.

How wrong I was. The second blog post was 7th August 2001.

For the first 4 years, the blog mainly consisted of baby announcements of my friends and my job situation. In 2005 I finally started doing it very regularly, moved to a Wordpress blog and now look at me. In the next 4 weeks I’ll be launching a business built on blogging.

I can’t claim to have foreseen the profound impact that blogging would have in many areas. As with most things I get involved in, it just “seemed like a good idea at the time”. I’ve been very lucky over the years that many of those ideas turned out to be genuinely good.

I’ve gone from one reader (Catherine) to several hundred per day. Thanks to all of you for stopping by and leaving comments. I hope I’ve written the odd useful thing and made you smile once or twice.

I encourage anyone who has ever felt like expressing an opinion to more than their mates down the pub to give blogging a try. It takes less than a minute to get a blog over at and writing blog-posts is easier than sending an email. If it turns out you have no long-term interest, well you’ve probably wasted less time than your daily commute.

Here’s to another six years of


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