Tweets on 2007-04-05

  • 7-year old has discovered “am I bovvered”. Promised to show him Catherine Tate vs Doctor Who on Comic Relief #
  • Can we have an EU-wide referendum to ban the use of the phrase “I’ll give it 110%”? Particularly on The Apprentice #
  • Running Thunderbird 2.0.0pre. Rock solid and fewer problems than 1.5. Still has stupid “new mail notification” bug when spam is filtered. #
  • considering using GMail fulltime but with backup using fetchmail to grab everything via POP and store on server here #
  • @imeallach : trust no-one! My data on my machines is the rule I live by. I just let others “borrow” it. #
  • Hope Google MyMaps isn’t bad news for Click2Map as I really like their product. #
  • Azureus -> Zudeo -> Vuze. Whatever ya wanna call it. New site #
  • This time tomorrow Rosslare will have its first FON access point. Should have coverage of up to 3 or maybe even 4 houses :-) #
  • Nice bit of TJAMC to block out sound of fighting children outside so I can get to grips with Spam Karma 2 on WPMU #
  • Tina Turner “River Deep Mountain High” - In my top ten of all time. Even the crappy non-Spector version I’m listening to now. #
  • So now I know what journalistic integrity and factual reporting looks like, I think I’ll stick to the wild west of blogs. #

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