Tweets on 2007-04-04

  • The Jesus and Mary Chain are playing Electric Picnic 07. I felt too old for outdoor gigs at Guns n Roses in 1992, what hope now? #
  • it really does look like the non-stop bluescreening on my as-new Latitude D420 was due to Vista. XP rock solid on it. Damn, I like Vista. #
  • All Google properties down or Cork routing problem? #
  • Woo hoo, back on top for google search of “Conor O’Neill”. In constant war with pub chain of the same name in USA. Blog Awards did the trick #
  • Co-incidence? You decide. and #
  • How much does Vodafone Ireland charge you and caller if you set redirect on your mobile to landline? Or to Skype-In? #
  • @damienmulley - eircom upgraded exchanges to what? 24MBs broadband for everyone? #
  • Courtesy of Sweary: . This is the “next python” stuff I was talking about recently. Up with this kind of thing! #
  • Nice cuppa tea and a biscuit with TSL, TSG and MiniMe. We’re awfully civilised down here in Cork. #
  • Looking at world map on kid’s wall. Scranton is marked in the USA. The equivalent of Slough in the US Office. Maybe not so small after all. #
  • Bloody chocolate manufacturers. Why aren’t the sweets inside the easter eggs like they used to be? Surely slave labour could do it cheaply? #

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