Tweets on 2007-04-02

  • Nice mention of Irish OpenCoffees and Irish start-ups from Saul Klein. #
  • Might even consider installing iTunes and stop calling Steve Jobs “Damien Thorn” after the EMI announcement of DRM-free music downloads #
  • Steve Jobs, Damian Thorn, EMI, Thorn-EMI. Oh no, the apocalypse is upon us. #
  • Ulster Bank Online Business Banking still stuck on IE4+ or Netscape 4.7. This level of incompetence shouldn’t be allowed near the web. #
  • @PaulWalsh - Ulster Bank has a FAQ page an accessibility. Unfortunately it’s not cough very accessible :-) #
  • EuroVPS DNS giving me gyp. Normally expect that to work out of the box without tweaking. Need an Ops guy. #
  • Thought I had tons of baby leaf lettuce seeds. Don’t. So planted cos, rocket and carrots. Saladini and scallions tomorrow. #
  • @donncha - I tried Digging your InPhotos SEO post too and they can’t access the URL. DNS problem at their end? #
  • Just registered and Pointing them both to the upcoming page for now #
  • Spent day doing EI feasibility study grant claim. I’ll never be an accountant. #
  • Windows Media player can’t play MP4s and Quicktime is a disaster on Windows. Trying Democracy player now #
  • So much for that idea. I click on anything in Democracy player and it says “action is not a registered protocol”. Handy, thanks. #
  • Did the same moron design all DIY web-sites like BandQ, Woodies, Atalntic? Try searching for cuprinol. Feels like 1995. #

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