Tweets on 2007-03-21

  • Well Yahoo Pipes has fried my brain so it’s bed-time. #
  • Lots of offers to do our CSS+XHTML work. Hurrah. Blogger publishing working (but messy). Figured out regexes in Yahoo pipes too. #
  • Casio returned watch for fourth time rather than replacing it. Different fix this time. I wonder how long it’ll last before screwing up? #
  • Off to Farran to talk to a dev. Back around lunch-time. #
  • Not convinced by phonics/fonics. 5-year old just did his ABCs as Ah Buh Cuh Duh Eh Fuh Guh. Red Book with black dots worked for me. #
  • Finally! Ballincollig/Watergrasshill/Carrigtwohill dual-carriageways up to 120kph and Old Chapel down to 50kph. Key is “appropriate speed”. #
  • Watching classic Curb “I’m surprised Hitler didn’t just kill all the toupee people”. Spoken like a true fellow slaphead. #
  • W00t, just spotted this via Alex King. Twitter app for mobile phone. No more bazillion SMSes. Checking now. #
  • For N70, jad file no good. Open in notepad to get URL of jar. Or directly this: #
  • Feedburner now enabled on web2ireland. Back to another session with Yahoo Pipes. #
  • The Yahoo Pipes discussion board seems to have no facility to subscribe to a thread via RSS or otherwise. Cmon it’s 2007 already. #
  • No CDATA or markup allowed in pipes regexes due to bug. Damn, there goes that cunning plan until they fix it. May have to write real code! #

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