Small AllFreeCalls problem

I decided to try out this afternoon. I had to ring Casio Customer Support in the UK about my poxy unfixable watch and my guess was that it would a longish call. I rang the access number and a voice told me that I would be charged at local rates and to enter the number I wanted. I entered the UK number and got through to the queuing system in Casio immediately. I did notice a reasonable amount of noise on the line which I assume is a VOIP artifact. I was asked to press “2” on my phone which I did, repeatedly, to no avail.

I hung up and re-rang the number using Gizmo (I have Call Out credit) and this time my keypress worked fine. So it looks like the DTMF tones are getting sufficiently distorted that they don’t work on AllFreeCalls.

Not a huge deal and it will affect very few people. And still a sweet service.

A question popped up today when my wife had to ring her sister in the US. The sister was on an Irish mobile. Just wondering if [a] AllFreeCalls can handle that scenario and [b] how much the call would cost both parties? A perfect candidate for Roam4Free but she has a company mobile.

And no, the Casio people still couldn’t sort out my dodgy watch. Grrrr.

Conor O'Neill

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