Casio UK Service dreadful

I bought a nice Casio Waveceptor watch about 18 months ago from a great discount online store in Wales called The Time Zone. It’s a combined analogue/digital job and syncs the time using those big transmitters scattered around Europe.

The watch worked fine for a few months and then the analogue bit started losing hours and hours. I returned it to Casio UK who replaced the battery and sent it back. In no time at all the problem returned. I sent it back again and they replaced much of the innards. All was well for another few months and then it started losing time again!

I sent it back last week with a statement that I wanted a replacement watch since it was either flawed by design or by manufacture. It was returned this morning with a note saying they could find nothing wrong. Here we are 2 hours later and it has already lost an hour!!

Maybe as part of their “extensive testing” they should put it on someone’s wrist for half an hour.

What the hell do I have to do to get this bloody watch fixed? And yes, it is still under warranty.

It’s probably cost me as much again in postage every time I return it. For the moment, all I can say is avoid Casio Waveceptor watches like the plague. Catherine got a cheap digital Casio at the same time as me and apart from a battery change has worked perfectly since.

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