Bandon Farmer's Market Blog

I set-up the Bandon Farmer’s Market Blog quite a while back. Progress has been slow with getting vendors to use it and I think this is mainly due to them not being familiar at all with [a] blogging and [b] the idea that they can write something and it appears immediately. I’ve learned a lot in trying to get one or two people set up on it. The main lesson was that if you are not web-savvy, many things which seem obvious to me can actually be insurmountable hurdles to others.

I set the blog up on but to be honest, Matt, Donncha and the boys need to make the whole sign-up process far more slick and user-friendly for non-techies. Simple things like the Terms and Conditions page threw some people. I never read those pages and always just tick the box but some users were clicking on the link, getting freaked out by the legalese and not going any further. The whole group blog sign-up is just wayyy to clunky for non-techies.

In any case, we should have Di Curtin, one of the organisers, motoring on it very soon. Anthony from Ummera has been the main contributor to date and Cork Coffee Roasters have signed up but not posted yet. I hope bit by bit that the other vendors start making use of it.

Check it out and subscribe to the RSS feed or email updates if you want to keep abreast of what’s happening in the market. I encourage all readers of the blog to post comments and questions on it to extend the conversation beyond Saturday mornings!

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland