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At this stage a huge number of people have camera phones and actually use the camera to take those impromptu pictures. I remember asking why anyone would want a camera phone three years ago. What the hell would you take pictures of? Well, it turns out I had no imagination and I now take pictures of everything and anything.

Now most people take the picture and either send it by MMS to friends n family or just show it on the phone to people later. But there is a lot more you can do with them and most of those things are free. The main thing you need to do is to get the pictures off the phone and onto a PC or a web-site. Whilst the network operators here still think it makes sense to gouge us on mobile data charges, the option of sending directly to the web doesn’t really make sense here.

But if you are loaded, then you can do things like:

  • Install Shozu on your phone and send all your pictures to the photo sharing site Flickr
  • O2 customers can sign up for and send pictures to that site
  • If you have a Wordpress blog, install Postie and send pictures from your phone via email to your blog

If you aren’t so flush, then there are a lot of fun free things you can do. First tho, you need either a data cable for your phone or a bluetooth adapter for your PC (if your phone has bluetooth). I recommend the cable as bluetooth is the most unreliable slow piece of rubbish ever to leave Scandinavia since the Volvo 480. For most modern Nokias that is the DKU-5 or CA-53 cable. If your phone didn’t come with one, they are on for €4 incl P&P. You’ll pay a fortune for one in a mobile phone shop so don’t bother.

Then you need the Nokia PC Suite software. Another unreliable Scandinavian but has lots of nice things like phone backup which you should really use in case your phone is nicked. This is free and there is a link to it on

I also really like the Nokia Lifeblog software. This grabs all the pictures, videos and text messages from your phone and shows them to you as a timeline. Looks really cool. In theory you can then publish what you want to your blog but for some nutso reason, it only supports Movable Type blogs and not Blogger or Wordpress. I just use it as an easy way of grabbing all the piccies off the phone and uploading the ones I want onto Flickr.

So you’ve got the cable and software installed and managed to download your pictures to your PC. Now what? Well you can put them up on a photo-sharing site like Flickr or Zooomr or Photobucket to spread the love. You can set the privacy on pictures on most of these sites so only those you invite can see them. I use Flickr and the free account is pretty good. I pay a few bob for a Pro account which allows me to upload as much as I like. There you can discover simple but powerful ideas like tagging where you add some labels to your photos like “cork” or “hurling” and then click on “hurling” to find all the other pictures on the site with the same label.

You’ve got your Flickr account and you’ve uploaded some pictures and you’re sharing them with your friends but you think “damn, I wish I could cut the edge of that picture and remove the red-eye on that other one”. The solution comes winging its way to you from Ballincollig in Cork in the shape of PXN8 from Sxoop Technologies. This brilliant piece of software allows you to edit pictures on your PC or your Flickr account inside a web-browser! You really have to check it out. It’s one of those “why the hell didn’t I think of that?” sites. No need for special photo editing software on your PC. You could edit the pictures in an internet cafe in Vietnam if you want. And it is easy to use too, check it out. And I’m not just saying that cos I know Walter, this is an awesome bit of software. It’ll soon let you add text to the pictures too so you can do wee postcards or posters for people.

And all this from taking a piccie on your camera phone whilst out having a walk. Isn’t that internet just the bees knees?

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