Hey You

Norm Geras has given the history of one of my all time favourite one liners from a stand-up comedian. It is Michael Redmond’s piece of perfection “a lot of people say to me…..”

I heard that for the first time back in the early 1990’s, probably on one of the stand-up shows on TV. Or did he support Dylan Moran at some Irish gig?

It was around the same time that Mr Trellis were are their peak and Ardal O’Hanlon delivered his best ever joke. I’ll paraphrase it badly here: “My Dad has a great sense of humour. Once, I put the price sticker off a bar of chocolate on the fridge and said ‘Hey dad, look, the fridge only cost 32p’. ‘No it didn’t’ he replied, ‘it cost £299’”

OK, ye had to be there.

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