Cully and Sully, the Dragons await

I just got a mail from Colum over at Cully and Sully to say they are going to be on the TV tonight. If you don’t know them they have two main businesses: The first is supplying lovely pies to pubs whose only cooking apparatus is a microwave. The second is supplying same/similar packaged pies to supermarkets. Now we normally never buy pre-made dinners but their ones are really gorgeous and you get to keep a nice ceramic dish when you are finished.

I’ve just checked and this is a much bigger deal than Sully let on. It is actually a preview of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award! This is fantastic and the guys absolutely deserve to be one of the nominees. Here’s hoping they come out on top.

It’s a three parter starting on RTE1 at 11pm. Fingers crossed that Cully got his hair cut ;-) I believe Brian O’Driscoll has some tips there.

Colum also mentioned their new Rather Portly Beef and Stout Pie. One of our all-time fave winter dinners is Beef and Guinness made with the Sophie Grigson recipe (variation here) and mashed spuds. The boys have a challenge on their hands to beat that, so I’ll definitely have to give it a go.

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