Shockingly - Yayyy Vodafone

So I bitched about Voda (twice) and the fact that I couldn’t upgrade the software on my N70 mobile. Then CiarĂ¡n, an old workmate, pointed out that I could get the phone unlocked by just calling customer service.

It turns out that they have to ask Nokia for the unlock codes for the N-series, five days later they texted me the code and now the phone can work with any SIM card (like Roam4Free for example). I never knew they would do this so good on them. I’m still on a long contract with them so I guess they don’t really care.

I then re-tried the software upgrade of the phone (as previously described) and the beauty worked! I have no idea if it is related to the unlocking or it is just a coincidence but I now have the latest (bar one) version of the N70 software and I’m a happy bunny.

The main obvious change is that it just seems faster, particularly the SMS menus. Hopefully they have also fixed the idiotic bug where if you paused an MP3 that you were listening to and then someone called you, it would play the paused tune at full volume for the world to hear rather than the ringtone.

If you have an N70, go get the upgrade. If it doesn’t want to upgrade you, call Voda and get the phone unlocked.

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