Bandon Farmer's Market quiet last week

I finally made it down to the market last week after missing three in a row. A lot of the usual stalls were missing presumably due to holidays etc and it was a quick dash and grab by Fionn, SibĂ©al and I.

More stunning steaks from Aherns, some interesting and tasty Portuguese salt from Ummera, some veg from the veg man and some brot from the  Baking Emporium in Dunmanway and I was done.

It struck me that it may be worthwhile for the organisers to do a few surveys at the market. I’d love to know some facts like:

  • Are you very local, local, passing through or a tourist?
  • Is this your first visit?
  • How many times have you been here?
  • Are you regular?
  • Will you be back?
  • What do you buy?
  • What are you favourite aspects of the market?
  • What are your least favourite aspects?
  • What is it missing?
  • How often would you like to see the market happen?

For me, I think the market is superb but there is a definite tendency to the high end of things. I would love to see more basic produce suppliers there like the veg man but selling at supermarket cost or below (due to the lack of a middleman).

I’ll post the next set of dates for the market when I find them out. I didn’t know a few of the recent ones were happening until the day before. All in all it has been a great few months for the market and I see it getting better and better.

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