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Yoplait has a customer for life

We got a call from Customer support in Yoplait last Friday week asking if we were in to take a delivery and to apologise for the mis-labelled yoghurt. Shortly afterwards a courier arrived with two boxes full of these:

More Dairy products from Glanbia

and these

Dairy products from Glanbia

Osc was blown away, he could not believe that he got all this stuff for, as he put it, “some words on a bit of paper”. He wanted to keep everything in his room so his siblings would get none of it but we pointed out that he needed a fridge for that.

In the interest of disclosure, I should point out that my Da worked in Avonmore-Avongate/ Avonmore/ Avonmore-Waterford/ Glanbia from 1974 until he retired and he did forward the original blog post to someone in there. But I have a sneaking suspicion it was the letter that did the trick. Consumer Food companies have to be very sensitive to any issues regarding food labelling and my guess is that they jumped on this as soon as they found out about it. In any case, Osc doesn’t know that his Grandad worked there so he thinks they are the greatest company ever. Only 40 more probiotic drinks to get through……

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  1. Congratulations Osc! Drink those pro-biotic drinks and grow up to be as smart as your grandad and da! The power of words.

    Would have been nice of them to send you them in smaller amounts or with a fridge just for them. Or is this just the first installment of some psychedelic yoplait colored nightmare–the endless “gift” of yoplait?

  2. All it would take is one badly entered order on the system and “once-off” becomes “weekly food parcel”. At least he would have a pristine gut.

  3. Jeez, that’s a lotta bacteria sitting encased in yoghurt there. The kids guts will be cleaner than someone’s after a colonic!

  4. I’m feeling cleansed already.