Pierce Brosnan can act!

### The Matador


Year: 2006

Length: 97 minutes

Media: DVD

Studio: Weinstein Company

**Rating from **: R (Restricted)

UPC for dvd: 796019791595

ID in Amazon.com: B000EQ5UIC

Rating: 4 out of 5

I saw “The Matador” on a plane recently and raved about it. Catherine got it out on DVD last night and it still works on a second viewing. It is the story of a hitman with problems played by Pierce Brosnan, who befriends an average joe played by Greg Kinnear. The movie is full of wonderful dark one liners and some fabulous scenes.

As a movie, you’ll enjoy it immensely but what will blow you away is Brosnan. He acts everyone else off the screen - seriously! He has finally realised that slick and suave is far more interesting when mixed with sleazy and he just nails his character. The scene where he strides through the hotel looking completely screwed-up wearing nothing but black jocks and ankle boots will stay with me for many years to come.

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