Any chance Quizno's in Cork will have this?

I’ve been in a few Quizno’s sandwich joints in the US and I really like them, particularly the fixins bar where you can add various types of whole chillis and other delights to your toasted sub.

I think it is the fastest growing franchise in the US and thought of being a franchisee even flashed through my head a few years back. But Cafe Kylemore has the rights here and there is one on the quay around the corner from Patrick St in Cork. I haven’t gone in yet to see whether it is an Irish travesty of a good idea or if have they done it properly. Anyone else given it a go?

I think we’ll be waiting a long time in Cork for the Smokehouse Beek Brisket Sub: ““a double portion of mesquite-smoked brisket that has been slow roasted for seven hours, then…….”. Read more over at Fast Foods News.

Mmmm, brisket.

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