Sing along now Oj,da da da da da da

Technology in the wrong hands is dangerous. I just turned on the “Sing Along” feature on the Sky+ Box for the Croatian Eurovision entry. The first translation was “the grass has not yet sprouted”. I’m guessing their entry came from the Croatian version of Teagasc.

But my favourite was when they translated “Oj, da da da da da da” to……wait for it……. “Oy, da da da da da da”.

Brian has just been on and sadly had the same attack of sciatica that laid him so low in the semi-finals. Would they not just give him a wheelchair.

Lordi Lordi…….Lordi Lordi……Lordi Lordi.

My only worry is that the boots are hinting that Gary Glitter may be under the make up.

Wait a sec, how can the same woman be the Turkish entry for the competition and on Big Brother simultaneously?

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