Sorrento's Italian Restaurant

### Sorrento's **Food style/ethnicity:** Irish-Italian **[Map](** **Price**: 25 - 35 (Euro) **Location**:

Jct of South Main St and Market St Bandon Co Cork Ireland

**Food rating**: 3 out of 5
**Decor rating**: 3 out of 5
**Service rating**: 4 out of 5
Granny Mary was down for a few days and was a wee star to mind the bairns whilst we went out for a quick bite. We both had a hunger on us for steaks and headed towards Paidrigín's which we have never eaten in. They were full. So we tried Broly's to discover that their night-time offering had not lasted and they were shut (a big pity, I really liked what they did). We were flummoxed until I suddenly realised that Sorrento's, the Italian place smack bang in the middle of Bandon, probably did steaks too. We ate there once over two years ago and were not really impressed but they went under new managment and I have heard some good things in the comments on this blog about it. The menu in the window confirmed a decent selection of steaks. They were reasonably busy but not full so we got a table. The menu was pretty standard Irish-Italian fare with Spag Bol, Lasagne etc but they also had a fine looking selection of pizzas, good specials and the steak list really did look good. To start, Catherine had what was described as foccacia but was actually a hard dough base with tomato etc on top. She didn't think it was very good. Throughout the entire meal, there were people collecting pizzas, so we must check them out with the kids the next time. I went with the same thing that I always do in an Italian, Antipasta Misto. It was good with salami, parma, chorizo, sun-dried toms, artichokes and these really tasty little preserved mushrooms which I have never had before. It came with a bunch of frissee/rocket type salad which was undressed since they had that old-fashioned (but should have a revival) oil/vinegar combo on the table. Only criticism would be that I'd drop the chorizo for something like bresaola or another italian salami. Catherine changed her mind on the steak and plumped for the creamy monkfish special. I got the Gorgonzola steak. Whilst we were waiting we eyeballed the plates going to all the other tables. Big portions of tasty looking nosh. Ours arrived and were equally big. The steak came with some baby spuds, more of that salad, a nice ratatouille-style veg mix and the sauce which wasn't as "blue" tasting as I expected. But the steak, holy cow the steak. I think maybe one of the best I have had in the past year. No joke. A big chewy blood-dripping hunk of cow. Absolutely perfectly cooked. I had asked for sirloin in preference to fillet but I think it might have been rump which is a much tastier cut. The menu said it came from a local craft butcher so it was probably either from Dan or Martin and both of them do really great beef. I relished every mouthful. Catherine's monkfish was fine but not great. The monkfish had been cut up small rather than being done either as medallions or as one piece. The sauce was a bit heavy too. She did polish it off tho. We went for the old reliables Tiramisu and Panna Cotta for dessert both of which were good. Two double espressos finished the whole thing nicely. All through the service was friendly and attentive but not in our faces. I had a glass of house red which was spot-on and the sparkling water was San Pellegrino which I like. Total came to €78 which is pricey for a local place. If it had come in under €70, I'd have been happier. But the reality is that the steak I had last night beat the one given to a dining partner in Isaac's during the week and you'll find Isaac's in most food guides. The Sorrento's one was cheaper, bigger and far better cooked. This is a local restaurant doing unpretentious, tasty meals with solid ingredients. If you are in Bandon and feel like a decent plate of food, go have a look.

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