Photos from Farmer's Market on Riya

Like many geeks, I signed up for Riya the moment they went into public beta. This is a photo sharing site like many others (e.g. Flickr) but with the twist that it has advanced “AI” techniques for recognising faces. So if you upload many pictures of the same people and train Riya a bit, then in future it will be automatically able to recognise those people in future photos and tag them accordingly for search purposes.

Along with the usual sharing features like tagging and albums etc, it is a pretty sweet service. It is still under development and to be honest, I find it very confusing to use. The whole training vs viewing vs sharing is very fuzzy.

For the laugh I used all the photos I took at the Farmer’s Market and uploaded them and identified the people whose names I knew. So apologies to Anthony, Don, Ruth, Frank and Dianne but you’ve been framed :-)

Obviously, if you really object, then I’ll delete the identifiers.

Check it out at: Bandon Farmer’s Market on Riya [tags]Riya, Bandon Farmers Market[/tags]

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