Ice-Cream Disclosure

I have written some very complimentary things about Murphy’s Ice Cream recently. In addition, Kieran’s blog has become, in a few short weeks, one of the best in the country, IMHO. I gave Kieran a few tips on blogging software recently and was gob-smacked when he sent me a fabulous gift of some ice-cream and chocolate sauce (via the very facilitative Urru).

Now that I have made that disclosure, I feel comfortable in continuing to rave about their products. The ones we got today were Irish Cream Liquer and Mint & Chocolate. Holy god, they would be banned in any communinst country for their utter gorgeousness. I had to wrestle the spoon off Catherine so we could put them aside for later when the sauce would be de-frosted.

Listening to Kieran and Seán on Winter Food, I realise that they have far too much in common with Catherine for them to ever meet. She is toying with the idea of offering to be an unpaid tester for them. She is eating for two you know.

It is usually a long process for us to come up with the final name for each of our children. Fionn was named as the epi went in. This next baby has already been named: Uachtar Reoite Ó Néill.

Whilst I am here, any ideas why the ice-cream from our cheapy ice-cream maker is really solid and dense in comparison to the lightness of Murphy’s?

p.s. Interesting factoid: If you Google “Uachtar Reoite”. the first hit is the Murphy’s Web-site.

UPDATE 1: In the interest of full and unambiguous disclosure, I should point out that my wife is a svelte and gorgeous size 10. But not for long. Ow, ow, joke, joke.

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