Structured Blogging Event Aggregation

I spent quite a few hours last night working through many of the Event/Calendar sites on the web to see if any of them supported the automated collection of events from blogs which use the hCalendar format in structured blog posts. So far I have found tons of discussion but no actual implementation. Does anyone out there know of a site which does this (or know of one under development)?

The ones I checked were:

Upcoming: I see quite a few mentions of Upcoming in this context but nothing obvious on the site Meetup: Nothing at all Zvents: Ditto but looks like it might be a fit OpenEvents: Pay only so couldn’t find out Eventful: They mention it on the site as coming so fingers crossed.

Evite: Doesn’t look like a good fit. WhizSpark: Pay only so couldn’t find out 30 Boxes: Might be a good match too but didn’t see anything about it. [tags]hCalendar, Events, Structured Blogging, Upcoming, Meetup, Zvents, OpenEvents, Eventful, Evite, Whizspark, 30Boxes[/tags]

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