Double Entries are coming

No, this isn’t a post about accounting. I’m trying to do my tiny little bit to help the Structured Blogging effort.

To this end I’ll be creating a set of pseudo-duplicate posts over the next few days. Each pair will consist of an unstructured “normal” post and a matching structured one.

Hopefully I’ll be then able to feed the structured ones into some aggregators like kritX and this will provide us with a set of screenshots showing how you can go from randomly organised posts (e.g. most of my current reviews), to structured ones with a format which suits the topic (e.g. information on podcasts) to having those structured posts collected automatically by other systems and used in some value-add way.

Those other systems will enable new services like consumer review sites, competitors to ebay, podcast collections, event announcements etc. There are, of course, many systems like these already out there. The big change with Structured Blogging is that you just put all the information on your blog in a structured way, you don’t have to enter data on any centralized site.

The addition of the structure to your posts means that the information can be gathered in an intelligent way by those systems without them having to “interpret” your meaning from your randomly organized  text.

It’ll all make a hell of a lot more sense when I have completed the screen-grabs!

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