Mr Krabbs goes to Bandon

Only two months later I get around to blogging our Spider Crab adventure from a few weeks before Christmas. We got a massive one for a few euro in Antcar in Union Hall. At this stage Oisín is totally cool with crustaceans, poor Sibéal was a bit shocked when I arrived back to the car with it.

Spider Crab

He stayed in the cooler whilst we did the Skibbereen Winter Wonderland. It wasn’t quite Disney but the kids had a howl.

Skibbereen Winter Wonderland

Sophie Grigson laments the lack of interest in spider crab meat in the British Isles and recommends it highly. However she describes the preparation of it as “approaching tedious”. To quote Bill: “Baby, you ain’t kiddin”. Over an hour with pliers and a hammer (yes, from my tool box, yes, washed of all WD-40) to extract a tiny mound of meat.

I did a lovely crab salad and a pseudo dressed crab thingy. Both of them were lip-smackingly good and the meat was really tasty. But I am never, ever prepping one again.

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