The first blog by Irish smokers.....of food?

In what I hope is the first of many by high-quality food producers in Ireland, Ummera Smoked Products have launched their own blog. You can find it over at

Anthony seems really enthusiastic about using technology to enable him to do business more efficiently and I hope my (ahem) multitude of readers encourage him to keep blogging regularly by providing him with constant feedback. The big news on their blog is the new packaging/labelling which is a major improvement and really catches the eye on the shelf. Their products are available in most good foodie outlets, particularly in Cork, so check out the new labels and let him know what you think.

There is also mention on the blog of the new Farmers Market in Kinsale which I’ll have to check out (even tho Earl from “My Name is Earl” now makes me feel like a girl dressed in pink).

Unfortunately, the main person trying to set up a similar market in Bandon died recently. Hopefully someone else involved in food in the area (Clodagh? PadraigĂ­n?) will take up the torch. I’d be more than willing to help but my lack of local contacts and the fact that I don’t work in the business means there would be no point in me trying to kick it off. But in any case, I’m really thrilled that Anthony has leaped into the world of blogging and is at the vanguard of the next generation of food marketing in Ireland. The fact that he is using developed mainly by Donncha from Cork, is just a bonus! [tags] Ummera,, Irish Food, Kinsale, Farmers Market[/tags]

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